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Tire Repair

never buy a service before it's actually due

Relax knowing that we age all of your service history by your unique driving habits, ensuring you don't do them before they're actually needed

Lower the cost of vehicle ownership

We ensure you never do services early, squeezing every mile out of every service, creating the most affordable maintenance plan money can buy.

Save $1000's in vehicle payments

By keeping your vehicle a few extra years you can potentially save thousands of dollars a year in vehicle payments.

What is it?
Tire maintenance is one of the easiest and most important things you can do for your car from a safety and cost standpoint. Making sure your vehicle has the correct tire pressure is as easy as using a PSI gauge and checking with your manufacturers recommended pressure. Sometimes, however, your vehicle will be unable to maintain the recommended pressure due to leaks. Tire Repair is the process of identifying leaks, filling punctures, and ensuring that your vehicles’ tires maintain their proper inflation.

What does it do?
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration driving on under-inflated tires is one of the biggest causes of tire failure. Underinflated tires wear out more rapidly, handle poorly and reduce fuel efficiency. Over-inflated tires, sometimes due to compensating for a tire leak, are more susceptible to damage from road irregularities, and this also creates a bumpier ride.

Typical Wear and Tear
The manufacturer sets interval guidelines to get the best possible performance based on normal driving conditions. Each interval has some basic maintenance involved (oil change, etc.), as well as, more detailed inspections of fluids, filters, spark plugs, and wear and tear. Typically tires on a new vehicle will last up to 50,000 miles, but tire wear can be easily inspected by looking at the tire tread depth. Other factors in your tire’s lifespan include.

  • Weather
  • Driving habits
  • Driving and road conditions
  • Vehicle type